The Band

Josh Watson

Originally from Indianapolis, Josh now resides in Denver, CO and is the latest addition and brings a new level of energy as the front man for the band.

Ryan Reichenbach

Growing up in Ashland, Oregon, Ryan played the piano, saxophone, and eventually the guitar. He played in concert and jazz bands through high school, but loved heavy metal and the power of a distorted guitar. Interests gravitated towards classic rock and jam bands while in college at the University of Colorado, Boulder where he met Brian Nichols and Garth Geer. Ryan and Brian eventually formed the rock band Boneyard with Ryan on sax and Brian on drums. 25 years later, Wrecking Trains is Ryan's musical focus and the electric guitar the instrument of choice. A key songwriter in the band, Ryan is responsible for authoring Doin' Fine, One Step Behind, Come with Me, So Kind, and Old Man Grind.

Garth Geer

A Colorado Native, Garth has had a passion for music his entire life. Bouncing through the early years with influences from the pop/rock bands of the 70's and 80's, jumping into the punk scene in the mid 80's and forming a band called Asshole Control. Garth now focuses around his appreciation of rhythmic and melodic rock with heavy influences from early and modern blues eras. Playing electric lead and rhythm guitar with Wrecking Trains, Garth adds his own style of alternative bluesy rock to the texture of the band. As well as his guitar-smithing, he writes and co-writes music and lyrics for many of the band's original creations. His style can be heard throughout many of the bands collaborations, including Drag Racing, Pull A Train, Boiler, and the rhythmic riffs of Doin' Fine and Old Man Grind.

Marcus Ray

Marcus has played bass for 27 years for a variety of bands in Las Vegas, NV, Flagstaff, AZ, and, currently, Denver, CO. Happiness is playing bass.

Brian Taht

Hailing from the DC area, Brian now resides in Louisville, CO and is the acoustic guitar player in the band as well as a key songwriter. Brian authored the band's signature tune Little Bit of Love as well as Dragon Tattoo and Devil Took my Soul.

Brian Nichols

Originally from the DC area, Brian now resides in Denver, CO and is the bands drummer.